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What is EvoTelemedicine

Its acloud based telemedicine software which provides a virtual clinic for the doctors and hospitals. This web based portal allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients at a virtualdistance using telecommunication technology.

The software project is designed to assist doctors in examining patients over Internet through video conferencing and suggesting treatment in a safe manner.

This software project is based on the idea that an experienced clinician with the help of a carefully taken history and a visual examination done over two way live online video along with review of the available medical investigations can reach a safe range of medical diagnosis.

The Features of Evotelemedicine are;

1. Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

2. Live Video Consultation between doctor and patient

3. Cloud Based

4. Patient Education tools

For each doctor a virtual clinic will be developed at

This will be the gateway to the virtual clinic on which the patient will logon to their accounts, to book an appointment or to start the consultation.

PharmEvo’s telemedicine project comes under the banner of CSR initiative. PharmEvo has been at the forefront of digitalizing the healthcare sector by providing them edge cutting technology solutions.

The history of corporate social responsibility at PharmEvo runs parallel to our organizational development and has resulted in innovative approaches towards CSR. However, the bottom-line is that all CSR activities should have lasting impact on society.